272 pages, soft cover, size - 210mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781925546187 Published by New Holland, Sept 2018 RRP $AUD 35.00

Wildlife photography on land is nearly always done with a telephoto lens, with the photographer rarely getting close to the subject. Underwater photography on the other hand is the complete opposite, with the photographer required to get very close to the subject to capture great images. Fortunately, most marine animals are happy going about their daily lives with a diver looking on, allowing for memorable close encounters with these wonderful creatures of the deep. Nigel Marsh has been documenting his close encounters with marine life for more than 40 years and in that time he has observed and photographed octopus mating, sharks feeding, fish fighting, seals showing off and many other incredible sights. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH MARINE LIFE details Nigel’s underwater adventures with camera in hand, featuring some of his best images and many remarkable stories of his experiences with amazing marine life.