Nigel Marsh has authored and co-authored a number of books on diving and marine related subjects over the last twenty years. Recently he has also been working closely with New Holland Publishers to produce a series of guide books for divers and a range of children's books with marine related themes. This series of books are available in most book shops in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. They can also be purchased on-line from a number of outlets, such as Booktopia and Amazon

Sea Fishes of Australia

96 pages, soft cover, size - 130mm x 180mm ISBN: 9781925546385 Published by New Holland, June 2019 RRP $AUD 19.99

From its northern tropical waters to its cooler temperate seas, Australia seas are inhabited by over 4000 species of sea fishes, many of which are only found Down Under. In SEA FISHES OF AUSTRALIA the reader dives in deep to look at this diverse and multifaceted group of animals. The first part of the book looks at fish biology and behaviour. The second part of the book details fish families and a selected group of individual fish species found around Australia. In this section the reader learns about common sea fishes, rare sea fishes, dangerous sea fishes and some very strange sea fishes. Split into chapters based on their habitat or characteristic, the book has sections on the desert dwellers, the cryptic and camouflaged, the cave hermits, the reef residents, the schoolers and the pelagic wanderers. Filled with wonderful pictures and lots of fabulous fishy facts, SEA FISHES OF AUSTRALIA is the perfect guide book for divers, snorkelers and anglers.

Close Encounters with Marine Life

272 pages, soft cover, size - 210mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781925546187 Published by New Holland, Sept 2018 RRP $AUD 35.00

Wildlife photography on land is nearly always done with a telephoto lens, with the photographer rarely getting close to the subject. Underwater photography on the other hand is the complete opposite, with the photographer required to get very close to the subject to capture great images. Fortunately, most marine animals are happy going about their daily lives with a diver looking on, allowing for memorable close encounters with these wonderful creatures of the deep. Nigel Marsh has been documenting his close encounters with marine life for more than 40 years and in that time he has observed and photographed octopus mating, sharks feeding, fish fighting, seals showing off and many other incredible sights. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH MARINE LIFE details Nigel’s underwater adventures with camera in hand, featuring some of his best images and many remarkable stories of his experiences with amazing marine life.

Diving with Sharks

288 pages, hard cover, size - 229mm x 203mm ISBN: 9781925546002 Published by New Holland, Dec 2017 RRP $AUD 39.99

DIVING WITH SHARKS is a complete guide for divers seeking sharks or anyone interested in these incredible creatures. The book takes a detailed look at shark biology and behaviour, threats to sharks, shark research and shark conservation issues. It also features all the popular, and many lesser known, shark species that divers can encounter around the world. A number of shark diving hot spots are included, where divers can have incredible encounters with these fascinating creatures. The book also provides information to assist divers to get the best from their shark diving experiences, looking at the dos and don’ts, the pros and cons, photography tips and the possible dangers. With over 500 known species of sharks, and more being discovered every year, DIVING WITH SHARKS is the ultimate guide for learning more about these incredible creatures of the deep and also where to see them, up close and personal.

Sea Shells of Australia

96 pages, soft cover, size - 130mm x 180mm ISBN: 9781921517990 Published by New Holland, Jan 2018 RRP $AUD 19.99

SEA SHELLS AND OTHER MARINE MOLLUSCS OF AUSTRALIA is a great introduction to this diverse family of creatures, which contains over 112,000 species. The first half of the book gives the reader an insight into the world of molluscs, explaining what constitutes a mollusc, where they live, what they eat, what eats them, how they reproduce and dangerous molluscs. The second half of the book looks at typical mollusc families and species found in Australia. Here the reader learns about the different classes of molluscs – the chitons, gastropods, bivalves and cephalopods. More detailed information is provided about different families and unique Australian species, such as the cowries, cones, clams, abalones, oysters, nudibranchs, octopus, squid and cuttlefish. Filled with wonderful pictures and easy to read text, SEA SHELLS AND OTHER MARINE MOLLUSCS OF AUSTRALIA is a great reference book for the snorkeler, diver or beachcomber.

Muck Diving

352 pages, soft cover, size - 210mm x 150mm ISBN: 9781921517815 Published by New Holland, Jan 2017 RRP $AUD 29.99

The oceans are full of fascinating environments for divers to explore; coral reefs, rocky pinnacles, caves, walls, shipwrecks and artificial reefs. But over the last decade more and more divers have been attracted to a very different marine environment that has proved to be very rewarding – muck! MUCK DIVING is a captivating book that dives into the realm of weird and wonderful critters. Full of magnificent pictures, this book looks at different muck environments and includes a comprehensive guide to the best muck diving sites in the Indo-Pacific region. The book also provides information about the most amazing muck critters divers can encounter, like frogfish, stargazers and the Mimic octopus. Submerging into the world of muck is very addictive, as once you see the captivating critters that abound in this unique environment you may never want to dive a coral reef again!

Underwater Australia

368 pages, soft cover, size - 210mm x 150mm ISBN: 9781921517921 Published by New Holland, Jan 2017 RRP $AUD 35.00

Australia is blessed with one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world. From its tropical north to its cool temperate waters, the land Down Under is truly a diver’s paradise. However, Australia is also a destination where divers can encounter many wonderful endemic species seen nowhere else in the world, such as colourful seadragons, cross-dressing cuttlefish, bizarre handfish and camouflaged wobbegong sharks. UNDERWATER AUSTRALIA is a complete guide book for the diver who wants to explore the best dive sites Down Under and also encounter the unique marine life found around this island nation. Throughout the pages of the book divers will explore every section of this great southern land, state-by-state and region-by-region. Filled with wonderful pictures, UNDERWATER AUSTRALIA is a must have guide book for anyone wanted to submerge in the land Down Under.

Coral Wonderland

162 pages, soft cover, size - 210mm x 150mm ISBN: 9781921517808 Published by New Holland, July 2016 RRP $AUD 35.00

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world. Stretching over 2300km along the Queensland coast it would take several lifetimes to explore every one of its 3000 reefs. To assist divers looking for the best of the Great Barrier Reef the guide book CORAL WONDERLAND lists the most iconic dive sites and dive destinations in this natural wonder of the world. This brilliant guide book details over 170 of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef and beyond to the remote Coral Sea Reefs. Information is provided on marine life, depths, terrain, diving conditions, best time to visit and a list of dive operators. Extra features are included on shipwrecks, unique marine life and other information that the reader will find invaluable to explore this spectacular region. Filled with beautiful photographs, this book will inspire the diver and the non-diver to strap on a mask and head down-under, to explore this amazing coral wonderland.

Crabs and Crustaceans

48 pages, hard cover, size - 285mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781921580314 Published by New Holland. June 2016 RRP $AUD 19.95

Did you know that the world’s largest crab has legs that are wider than a car and that the smallest crab is no bigger than a pea? These are just some of the interesting facts the reader can find in CRABS AND CRUSTACEANS. Crabs are just one member of a fascinating bunch of creatures called the crustaceans. These incredible animals come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and live in the oceans, rivers, lakes and even on land. Designed for the young reader, the book will entertain and delight, as they discover what crustaceans are, how they live, how they grow, how they breathe, what they eat and what feeds on them. Information is also given on different crustacean species and families. Filled with spectacular pictures, and packed with interesting facts and figures, the young reader will delve deep into the fascinating world of crabs and other crustaceans in this fascinating new book.

Weird and Wacky Fish

48 pages, hard cover, size - 285mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781921580345 Published by New Holland, Dec 2016 RRP $AUD 19.95

The fishes first appeared over 500 million years, and over time have evolved to take advantage of every marine and fresh water environment, which has led to the appearance of some very weird and wacky fish. WEIRD AND WACKY FISH will introduce the young reader to some very strange fish. Fish that not only look weird, but act weird too. In this book children will discover that some fish can walk and that male seahorses get pregnant. They will also see weird fish that pretend to be dead leaves, fish that look like rocks and even a bizarre fish that looks like a pineapple. Filled with fabulous pictures, this book will delight any young reader that is curious of the marine world.

A to Z of Sharks and Rays

48 pages, hard cover, size - 285mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781921580307 Published by New Holland, Jan 2016 RRP $AUD 19.95

This beautiful picture book is aimed directly at children that want to see photographs of sharks, and learn more about these incredible creatures. The book is suitable for children of all ages, with the text written to be entertaining and informative. Reading the book children will learn about different shark and ray species, their biology, behaviour and many interesting facts that may surprise. Each page of the book is illustrated with wonderful colour photographs showing these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. A - Z OF SHARKS AND RAYS will allow children to completely immerse themselves into the incredible world of these greatly maligned and misunderstood creatures.

Exploring Shipwrecks

64 pages, hard cover, size - 285mm x 220mm ISBN: 9781921580178 Published by New Holland, Jan 2016 RRP $AUD 19.95

EXPLORING SHIPWRECKS takes the young reader on a journey of discovery, submerging into the mysterious world of ships lost at sea. Designed for children of all ages, the book takes a detailed look at why ships sink, what happens after they sink, how shipwrecks are discovered and salvaged and also looks at those most fascinating of all shipwrecks, the ones that sank full of treasure. The deeper one gets into the pages of the book, the more mysteries of the deep will unfold, including the history of real shipwrecks from around the world. Full of wonderful photographs, book will educate and entertain the young reader as they dive into the realm of shipwrecks.

HMAS Brisbane

28 pages, soft cover, size - 297mm x 210mm ISBN: 978-0-9871194-0-7 Published by Nigel Marsh Photography, July 2011 RRP $AUD 9.95

A photographic exploration of Australia's most colourful artificial reef, HMAS Brisbane. Since being scuttled off Mooloolaba in July 2005, the former Australian Navy guided missile destroyer HMAS Brisbane has been transformed and is now covered in colourful corals and home to a spectacular array of subtropical marine life. This visual guide to HMAS Brisbane gives the reader a brief history of the destroyer, its service record, its retirement, its preparation and cleaning, the sinking and explores the artificial reef today - highlighting the features of the ship and the incredible marine life divers will encounter on Queensland's Coral Warship. HMAS BRISBANE is available from the two dive shops in Mooloolaba - Sunreef and Scubaworld, and other selected dive shops in Brisbane.

Diving Australia

352 pages, soft cover, size - 140mm x 225mm ISBN: 962-593-311-5 Published by Periplus Editions, 1997 OUT OF PRINT - but still available on Amazon

Co-authored with Neville Coleman, this book is a comprehensive guide to diving in Australia. Over 200 full colour photographs illustrating scenes and marine life around the entire coastline of Australia. Over 85 colour maps and charts in superb detail. A state by state guide to Australia's top dive sites. DIVING AUSTRALIA also includes practical detailed information on accommodation, travel details, dive prices, marine hazards, best times to visit and a complete list of dive operators and charter boats. Plus a wealth of educational essays on the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Dive Sites of the Great Barrier Reef

177 pages, soft cover, size - 165mm x 240mm ISBN: 1 86436 095 X Published by New Holland, 1996 OUT OF PRINT - but still available on Amazon

Co-authored with Neville Coleman, this is an indispensable guide for divers and snorkelers of all levels of qualification and experience. Enhanced by magnificent full colour photographs, this practical book offers detailed information on the best places to witness the wonders of the underwater realm and provides excellent coverage of the dive sites of one of the world's most exciting dive areas as well as the regions topside attractions. Individual site entries are star rated and cover location and access, condition, depth and marine life. Detailed colour maps show dive site locations, access points, major shipwreck sites and reef areas.