96 pages, soft cover, size - 130mm x 180mm ISBN: 9781925546385 Published by New Holland, June 2019 RRP $AUD 19.99

From its northern tropical waters to its cooler temperate seas, Australia seas are inhabited by over 4000 species of sea fishes, many of which are only found Down Under. In SEA FISHES OF AUSTRALIA the reader dives in deep to look at this diverse and multifaceted group of animals. The first part of the book looks at fish biology and behaviour. The second part of the book details fish families and a selected group of individual fish species found around Australia. In this section the reader learns about common sea fishes, rare sea fishes, dangerous sea fishes and some very strange sea fishes. Split into chapters based on their habitat or characteristic, the book has sections on the desert dwellers, the cryptic and camouflaged, the cave hermits, the reef residents, the schoolers and the pelagic wanderers. Filled with wonderful pictures and lots of fabulous fishy facts, SEA FISHES OF AUSTRALIA is the perfect guide book for divers, snorkelers and anglers.